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We Listen Foundation


Mental Health

We Listen Foundation
We Listen Foundation
We Listen Foundation


We Listen Foundation, an NGO founded in 2020, is dedicated to eliminating the prejudices encircling mental health, through awareness programs, policy executions, education, guidance, and other initiatives. "We Listen Foundation" aims to bring a counteractive outlook towards this stigma, to reduce the global burden of mental ill-health, starting from a local level.


Our mission is to create awareness, break the stigma, and lend support to those suffering from mental health problems. The idea is to develop and provide for a virtual space where people can talk about their feelings, emotional pain, and distress without any constraints. We also plan to connect the concerned person with a professional where needed.


We envision a safe space for adolescents and young people, where they are listened to and addressed about their feelings. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where mental health is not a taboo, and therapy procedures are easily accessible to all.

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