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Voicing Youth

People with Disabilities, Sanitation, Mental Health, Child Rights

Voicing Youth


Voicing Youth is an initiative taken up by a group of students based in Calcutta who believe that every single child has a right to Quality Education. We began this recently, in May 2020 and we’ve come a long way! We’ve tried to spread awareness through our Instagram by talking about socially relevant topics, we’ve been a part of pad distribution drives because we feel that periods have a major impact on education, and if we can actually go ahead with the distribution, a lot of girls will be able to go to school. We’ve conducting book drives and collaborating with other organisations. We also hosted fundraisers during the lockdowns in the form of a fest called Vortus wherein we had a variety of events for the youth to showcase their talents! All the proceeds from Vortus also went towards the pad distribution drive and we reached out to a huge number of girls! Lastly, Our organisation focuses on Youth Empowerment and Education and it’ll be great to have anyone interested on board!


Voicing Youth is an absolutely student-led initiative with the main motive being Youth Empowerment and Education. We believe in breaking all the hindrances that arise and help children get the education they deserve. Our mission isn’t something that isn’t achievable but is indeed something that requires a coalition of like-minded individuals and we can surely achieve our goal!


There are countless underprivileged children who root for a better tomorrow, living without proper clothes, without a one-time meal, with manifold dreams, with innumerable opinions and things to stand up against. Some are just waiting for that one time they’ll be allowed to get into schools by kicking one’s heels. What we want is to aid and contribute this money into schools that educate street children, who want them to continue dreaming. We also want to help make a difference and make the world know they go through so many hardships. So that’s youth empowerment and education, which is our cause. Voicing Youth is an initiative taken up by a group teenagers based in Calcutta who believe in Youth Empowerment and Education, because we feel that we as leaders have the power to voice the opinions of the underprivileged youth and educate them, rooting for a better tomorrow ✨

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