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Project Abhay

West Bengal

Women Empowerment, Education, Child Rights

Project Abhay


A youth led organization to combat gender based violence!


We live in a world where rampant violence against women was almost being recognised as the new normal!

Nothing could have been more appalling and we felt that the least we can do to stem the rot is to kickstart project ‘Abhay’. We at project ‘Abhay’ strive for a world where citizens from all walks of life will feel empowered to resist and protest against violence, where they will feel more confident to stand up for their rights. Our aim is to pursue our cause with dogged determination with special emphasis on creating awareness amongst the different strata of society against the menace of gender based violence.

‘Abhay’ needs your support to make it a better world. Do join us! Together, we can!


We plan to have long-term strategic partnership with under privileged schools to sensitise school-going children about good touch and bad touch, the do’s and dont’s if they end up in a potentially threatening situation, raise our voice against victim blaming by spreading awareness through organising seminars and workshops, we also plan to host fundraisers to raise money to make life a little easier for the survivors in various shelter homes across Calcutta, and conduct basic self defence training workshops to empower women, making them aware of their rights and the legal avenues available to combat violence against them, and most importantly, inculcating a sense of self-esteem in the minds of the next lot of girls in pigtails and making them feel proud of their identity.

‘Abhay’ needs your support to make it a better world. Do join us! Together, we can!

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