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Environment, Employment, Food Drives, Rights for Disabled, Education, Community, Menstrual Hygiene, Human Rights, Child Rights, Mental Health, Women Empowerment



Ek Tara is a registered Trust that works with girls and women from the largest slum communities in Kolkata, India. Our core projects on Education, Health- Hygiene- Nutrition, Community Engagement and Skill building engage the most vulnerable girls and women from these slums. We, at Ek Tara, believe in giving opportunities and choices to children and helping them grow the way they would like to, and in empowering them to chart their own futures. We help build resilience and inculcate knowledge by being engaged and being supportive of them in their learning journey by: Providing quality English medium education- to make all students well-rounded, application driven and future-ready individuals Giving equal importance to holistic development by stressing on Extra Curricular Activities, Social- Emotional Learning. Preparing them to be future ready with knowledge and practise of 21st century skills ( through digital literacy, stem learning, civic literacy etc) Make families partners as opposed to beneficiaries by building their capacities. Preparing the students to be agents of change Integrating all programmes with the UN SDG’s ( with focus on 4 and 10).


Educate, Engage and Empower girls and women to become agents of change


Transforming Vulnerable Communities through Education

Volunteering Opportunities

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