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Bring Them Smiles with ARMY


Homelessness, Women Empowerment, Food Drives, Human Rights, Animals, Poverty, Elderly

Bring Them Smiles with ARMY


We are a BTS fan collective, and 'Bring Them Smiles with ARMY' is a small initiative by the college students who stan BTS, to create what we call a 'purple utopia' which means a society that is made with love, care and trust. Most of the ARMYs have themselves been through tough times in life and have found happiness through the music by BTS so most of us try to give back to society in every little way possible. Through ' Bring Them Smiles with ARMY' we give a platform by hosting various projects targeting various social and environmental causes.


Our mission is to work with various NGOs and other social organisations and target social issues that require our attention as per the time.


Our sole vision is to create what we call 'Purple Utopia' that refers to a society built with love, care and trust and where anyone can contribute with whatever little he or she can, and where anyone can ask for help without any hesitaion.

Volunteering Opportunities

A platform to connect NGOs with Volunteers and Donors. With SocieTree, NGOs can market their events and activities and collaborate with other organisations in different parts of the country. Volunteers can also take up skill based volunteering positions and do their part for society.

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