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AIChE MIT WPU Student Chapter



AIChE MIT WPU Student Chapter
AIChE MIT WPU Student Chapter
AIChE MIT WPU Student Chapter


K-12 Outreach is a part of AIChE(American institute of chemical engineers) Our main aim is to conduct outreaches where we go to different schools/ NGOs and teach students about topics related to science and technology in a fun and experimental way. We also interact with students and guide them. Since the lockdown we have shifted to the online platform with the same spirit and enthusiasm. So firstly, on the day of outreach (which will be on any online platform that the organization is comfortable with like zoom or MS teams) we will be giving a presentation on a topic(topic will depend on the age group of the audience) After this we will have small interactive games(something like quiz) The whole session will be of about 40 mins. From our past experience we assure you that children will definitely enjoy and learn something new.


Our mission is to engage our chapter students so that they can use there utmost knowledge and help children so that they can understand STEM topics in a practical way.


The vision of K-12 Outreach program is to bridge the gap by engaging students in hands-on and interactive engineering-related experiences; expose young people to the variety of potential opportunities and careers in engineering, and encourage young people to explore their personal interests in the engineering field. In addition, particular attention is to expose and encourage a diverse population of future engineers.

Volunteering Opportunities

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