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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation


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About the Event

With the increasing development and population, the environment and HadoSiddapura Lake are being polluted. To save the lake and the surrounding environment, the SankalpTaru team is planning to plant 10,000 saplings around the lake. We request you to donate and support us through this initiative.

The Restoration

HadoSiddapura Lake is located in the Eastern part of Bengaluru. It is a man-made lake using the natural topography of the land. The main source is the inflows of rainwater. The lake area is 36 Acres which is situated within the Panchayath limit has been rejuvenated recently and has a natural cleaning system. As a part of the restoration, our objective is to bring back the wildlife to the middle of the city by planting a mix of fruit-bearing, Medicinal, and native forest variety trees.10,000+ trees will be planted along the periphery of the lake by both conventional and Miyawaki methods and will be taken care of by the SankalpTaru team for 3 years.

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