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Dream A Little Dream For Me

Dream A Little Dream For Me


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About the Donation Drive

Diwali, the festival of lights, signifies the triumph of good over evil. But, how often do we get a chance to actually light a diya in someone's life? This Diwali we plan to share our light with the underprivileged and help them emerge from the darkness of poverty

Pillars of the Donation Drive

Saloni Bhutra has actively worked for various social causes all her life and feels really strong about universal quality and affordable education.

SocieTree, along with Saloni Bhutra has organised a fundraiser focusing on providing essential materials and winter clothes to 28 children in Kishanganj, Bihar, thereby protecting them from the chilling cold of the winter season. We all know winters are tough and in the current circumstances, trying to lead a normal life isn't easy for everyone.

Let's do our bit and fill their lives with gleam of hope. Contribute whatever you can, to this fund and help these little souls.

Contact Representative

Pankaj Kankani +91-9680527951

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