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Digital Omega Campaign

Digital Omega Campaign


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Digital Omega Campaign

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Geolife Youth Club is a not-for-profit, youth-for-youth organisation initiated with the aim to reach out to rural and underprivileged students across India, to provide them with various services free of cost (listed below) for their overall development:
1. Career counselling
2. Personality development
3. Educational guidance
4. One-to-one mentoring
5. Platform to exchange ideas
6. Internships and placements
7. Networking
We have successfully held several online sessions since the month of May, one on every Sunday. Through these sessions we have guided the students and helped them in the process of their overall development. We have trained our students to use digital tools like PowerPoint presentations, google forms and many more. For enhancing their speaking skills, we have conducted various debate competitions and a Model United Nations. We have also held general knowledge quizzes and creative art and writing competitions as well. We at Geolife Youth Club believe being a genuine and kind human being is fundamental.
We educate our students on the same with the aim to develop a harmonious and evolutionary society.

About the Campaign

Since the massive hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of students across the country are unable to attend school due to lack of digital infrastructure. Most of these students have no access to smartphones/laptops due to which online lectures cannot be conducted for them. GeoLife Youth Club has come up with the DIGITAL OMEGA campaign to pillar education for such students through donation of devices. This campaign will help us collect second hand devices (in working condition) and raise funds to refurbish these devices as well as buy new ones.

> Devices will be donated through trustworthy agencies likes schools/colleges or other NGOs.
> All devices will be made student-friendly to avoid misuse.
> Periodic reports will be made about the usage of the donated devices.
> Teachers will be trained to use the devices and various available digital tools.
> Digital platforms will be established for the students through which we will conduct development and skill-enhancement sessions along with career counselling and mentoring.
> Workshops, activities and competitions will also be held for these students which will help them explore and learn.


The world has been moving towards digitalisation at a fast pace throughout the decade, maximum growth being achieved this year. This makes it obligatory for every student to adapt to digital means and technology to survive in this technology-centric world. Our campaign DIGITAL OMEGA will serve this purpose as well. We intend to assist our students in all types of learning experiences.
Geolife Youth Club has taken up the mission to develop the Youth of India to make India reach unimaginable heights and become a global leader. Training and skill-development of the Youth is the only way to achieve this goal, thus we have promised to shoulder this endeavour.
“The Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”

Contact Representative

Prashant Abbi

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