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Daan Utsav

Daan Utsav

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Daan Utsav

Daan Utsav- India’s festival of giving is here. During this time, people from all walks of life come together to contribute their time, money, or skills in order to give back to society.

This Daan Utsav, Lotus Petal Foundation is celebrating with the ‘RISE WITH RICE’ campaign. Under this campaign, rice can be donated in person or online to feed the famished, Share the financial burden of impoverished communities and support the Zero Hunger Food Bank program.

About the Event

> Lotus Petal Foundation is celebrating the Daan Utsav from Oct 2 to Oct 8.

> Donate rice so that no one sleeps hungry and celebrate the festival of giving.

> You can donate via online and offline.

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